Monday, April 12, 2010

Time to drag out those summer clothes...OH MY!

We had to pack up all our summer clothes and put them in the attic last fall.  Not normally something I do, but since hubby and I got married, and we have 5 people packed into a 3 bedroom house, we have no choice! 

So, my hubby got them down last weekend and I opened my bin and was excited to see some clothes that I forgot I had!  I pulled out a pair of shorts and tried them on....UH OH!  They won't even zip!  These are the same shorts that I wore on our honeymoon.  And that was only 8 months ago!  I knew I gained weight, but never in a million years thought I gained that much.  I did manage to find one pair of shorts that fit...and they were given to me and were too big last year.

Now, I KNOW I have to get back in shape.  I need to lose the 15 pounds that I have put on over the winter!  I wanna look like I did 2 years ago...before I started grad school!  I want my body back so I can get my confidence back!  I know I can do it!!!

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  1. I know what ya mean we discussed!

    Good luck to ya!