Friday, April 30, 2010

Awesome day!!! I love the IRS today!

This morning my husband called as I was pulling up at school with some fabulous news....We FINALLY got our Federal tax refund!! We've been trying to figure out how we are going to make it through the next month and weren't really expecting the check until at least the end of May. We have been back and forth with the IRS because they needed more documentation on our daycare expenses. We sent it to them by fax but they couldn't even tell us if they received it or not! Maybe my little note on the bottom of the fax helped...I politely asked them to process as soon as possible! We were truly blessed to receive it today!! I also got paid today and earned a little cake money too!

The bad thing is...I found out they are going to dock my pay the week that we are going on vacation. They are docking me $100 per day! That's going to be painful, but we'll figure it out!

I also don't get paid during the summer and have already decided to have a yard sale every Saturday. I have enough junk to sell and earn a pretty good living for the summer...and best of's tax free money! The kids are looking forward to helping! They are already packing up clothes and toys to sell!

By the way, I submitted my last assignment in my hospitality management class today! My final for my Economics class is Monday and I'll be DONE!!!!!

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